Cherry’s Catering proud to support Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

Cherry’s Catering are extremely proud to be supporting Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea this year. We are donating 10% from all Platter orders for the week Monday 20th – Friday 24th May to Australia Biggest Morning Tea (this is based on Drop-off Platters only)

Australia Biggest Morning Tea

For over 25 years, the Cancer Council have been encouraging as many of us as possible to host a Morning Tea with the aim of raising money for cancer research and care.

Thanks to this fundraising initiative, we have all seen great advances in the vision for a cancer free future. Thousands of lives have been saved, but there is so much more still to be done.

Cherry’s Catering is proud to be providing professional catering services to Perth and Western Australia, and using this platform to support the Cancer Council. By ordering any of our Drop-off Platters between Monday 20th – Friday 24th May, we can all help this fantastic and vital cause.

Fundraising via Australia Biggest Morning Tea helps the Cancer Council by:

  • Raising funds towards the SunSmart school program which aims to protect children from potentially harmful sun exposure.
  • Supporting funding for a cancer nurse to be available to offer expertise and support to those in need.
  • Paying for analysis of gene samples for research projects, helping to progress cancer research.

How to support the cause

Did you know, one Australian is diagnosed with cancer every five minutes? About the amount of time it takes to drink a cup of tea.

And, cancer is a leading cause of death in Western Australia, accounting for around 3 in every 10 deaths. *

This is a scary reality and so anything we can do together to help the cause is a good thing. Cherry’s Platters are suitable for any Private Catering event or Corporate Catering event. We have over 40 delicious Platters to choose from including hot, cold, sweet and savoury.

Click here to order any of our Drop-off Platters to join in the fundraising fun.

You can also donate direct to Cherry’s Fundraising.

If you would like to find out more about Australia’s Biggest Morning tea just click here!


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