8 reasons to join thriving share economy with Hidle

Events Wanneroo Business | Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Do you often wonder why you still keep half the junk cluttering up your garage?

And would you like to know about a really great, community-based way of using those items?

What would you say if we told you there was a way to earn money while supporting the local community?

Hidle brings idle items back to life with a share-economy philosophy. We deliver a classifieds platform allowing you to hire out your ‘lazy’ items to those who live or work in your community.

You’re probably already engaged in the share economy as a whole without realising it (Uber anyone?!) but Hidle is unique - we really want to engage the whole community.

For people looking to hire (whether on the hunt for something for a day or a week) or those of you with idle items of value, Hidle is the place for you.

So, why sign up with Hidle?

We could go on and on about how great this platform is, but we know you’re busy, so we’ve narrowed it down to 8 top reasons to register with Hidle.

Owner benefits

1. Earn money – well, yes this one is obvious right?! Easy money simply by listing your idle items on Hidle and nominating the price. Let’s face it, most of us could do with a little extra cash in our pockets. If you had some extra $$ what could you do? Pay for a night out at the movies? Finally get the fence at home fixed? Pay for something new for the kids? You choose how to spend your extra money - all you need to do is find your idle items that are of value, and upload the details to Hidle.

2. Support the local community – and feel good about helping out a fellow neighbour. You might be helping someone who’s recently had an accident when you list your mobility scooter, or allowing someone to hire a suit for a job interview so they can nail the interview and get that dream job. Can you think of a better win-win?!

3. Secure payment system – this one actually goes both ways. Our secure payment system via PayPal means you as an owner can relax knowing the money is coming through and the person hiring knows their money is safe and will go to the correct person. Hidle believes in making things easy whilst having all the checks and balances in place, which is why we have invested in secure processes and payment systems.

4. No haggling – the price you set is the price you get. Hey, that rhymes?! It might sound great, but it is also an important factor of the Hidle philosophy – we wanted to make it easy for you to list your items and earn money. You can check out some similar items on our website to get an idea of how to set your price. Make sure you factor in the condition of your item – if it’s brand new and gives the user a huge benefit, then don’t be afraid to factor this into the price you set.

Hirer benefits

1. Save money – again, this is an obvious one but just like Hidle owners, Hidle hirers can find themselves with a little extra money in their pockets. Instead of spending lots of dosh on a new suit to only wear once, or on a lawnmower that you only use twice a year, hire an item from a community member nearby and put that cash back in your wallet to use for something else.

2. Have items to hand without needing to store them – save on storing lots of items that you don’t need to use regularly. Perfect for anyone with limit storage space at home or with no garage. Traditionally, we might have borrowed from next-door neighbours or friends and family, but in this modern world with connectivity linked more through technology than face to face, Hidle combines good old-fashioned “borrowing” from a real person, with modern technology – which means simplicity for you.

3. Locate items close to you, just when you need them – no more roaming all over Perth to find the item you need! As Hidle is a community platform, you will find items to hire sometimes as close as your very own street! All our items are based across Perth so no matter where you are, you are sure to find an item close by, ready to hire for your needs. The Hidle platform encourages community involvement and aims to support community good-will whilst offering a real business opportunity.

4. Save items from the scrap heap (save the environment) – we’ve all seen those horrific images of waste at landfill. The type of waste that never goes away… clogging up our environment. What if there was a better way? A way to live our lives in a more sustainable way? Do you really need to buy a new trailer? Will it just lay idle, rusting away until you have to throw it out? Is it necessary to buy a new dress for that upcoming wedding – one that you’ll never wear again despite best intentions?! Why not hire a near-new item instead. Save money + save the environment. Wouldn’t that feel good!?

So, we expect by now you are curious and keen to give it a try? Head on over to hidle.com.au to discover more.



The importance of ‘soft skills’ on business success

Events Wanneroo Business | Thursday, April 11, 2019

The importance of ‘soft skills’ on business success



The use of ‘soft skills’ is vital to business success, but many leaders still fail to recognise their importance.

Soft skills are integral in many areas and have a huge impact on many workplace outcomes, including staff retention, productivity, and job satisfaction.

A recent leadershipmanagement.com article reiterates the value of soft skills in organisations.

It quotes a recent Deloitte Access Economics report predicting ‘soft skill intensive’ occupations will account for two-thirds of all jobs by 2030.

The report describes soft skills as ranging from communication and decision-making skills, to self-motivation, leadership and team-building skills and problem solving and time management skills.

Often called ‘people skills’ or ‘interpersonal skills’, soft skills are increasingly coming to the fore as both teams and leaders become more flexible.

The uptake of such skills also reflects the continued transition away from traditional older ‘hierarchical’ models – for example, where only universities and accredited institutions can provide job credentials.

Under the new work model, soft skills are also fast becoming an integral part of every leader’s ongoing development and training: almost as much as the traditional hard skills.

Sweeping changes in technology and the continued digitisation of work are also huge factors affecting the growing adoption of soft skills - especially as today’s organisations become more agile and flexible in this ‘brave new world’ of digital disruption.

By Mike Peeters

Mike Peeters Media


​Butler Business Owner Loves Wanneroo Business Association

WBA Support | Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Meet Rachel Boros, owner of SB Creations,  a Freelance Writer and Virtual Assistant living in Butler.  We've asked Rachel some questions so you can get to know her a little more!

Tell Us About You and Your Business

I’m Rachel, I am a Freelance Writer and Virtual Assistant. I focus on writing blogs, proofreading & editing as my main writing services, as well as general admin and document formatting through my VA service. I have a degree in Communications & Marketing and previously worked as a Marketing Coordinator and Personal Assistant. Add a love of the written word and a desire to read and write, and this explains the passion behind my work.

Outside of work, I’m usually found juggling two energetic children (while trying to look sophisticated on the school run) and managing positions on the committee of my local Book Club and local Playgroup. In-between all that, I enjoy hiking or running, and I freely admit to enjoying a drink of wine – red or white thanks for asking.

What do you love most about living and working in Butler?

We bought our house in 2011 and have seen so much positive growth in this area. Can you believe when we moved up here we had to get off the freeway at Burns Beach and drive a further 15 mins home?! Now you can just get off at Hester Ave and be home in less than 5 minutes. Kids today will never understand how easy they have it….. !!! I love working from home as I am only a few minutes from the beach or several beautiful parks, so I often go out for a walk when I need a break from work.

Share your thoughts on being a member of Wanneroo Business Association and how it has helped you in business

Being a WBA member has helped me personally and professionally. Having so many varied networking events to choose from, means I never get lonely or bored. Working for myself, I love to have these events in my diary to look forward to, and even when I can’t make events I love posting in the private Facebook group, and commenting on other people’s posts – it really helps build that sense of community between all the members. I’ve learned quite a bit from attending some of the workshops – and I have also perfected my ‘elevator pitch’ by attending so many events! At first glance, I come across as very confident and outgoing, but I have fears and insecurities just like most people, yet by attending events regularly, I have learned to be more confident and proud when talking about what I do for work.

Share a recent ‘big win’ for your business

Securing a really exciting blog writing client.. and also finally finding some semblance of work-life balance at last!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

Hmmmm.. well, I am actually only 9 years old – in Leap Years! Yes, 29th Feb baby here – next year I will be 10 😊

Where do you see yourself, and the business, in 10 years time?

I am really moving further into my writing services, and would love to be working on varied projects, earning an income for my family whilst still managing my work-life balance. I am keen to reach a level where I can be a role model for my kids, and for others out there just starting out in business. I’ve made so many mistakes along the way – hopefully one day I can help others by sharing my stories!

To find out more about SB Creations, head to https://www.facebook.com/simplysbcreations/

For more information on joining the WBA's progressive business community, click here



Meet Tammy, Working From Home In Butler and Benefiting from WBA Membership

WBA Support | Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Meet Tammy Brown, passionate business owner of TLB Admin Support and active Wanneroo Business Association member.  We asked Tammy some questions so you can get to know her a little more!

'I've been a member of WBA for a few years now and have made some great connections. The events are fantastic and cater to everyone, and the staff are very friendly too.'

Tell Us About You and Your Business

'I'm a work-at-home-mum, owning and operating TLB Admin Support.  We are a Virtual Assistant business based here in Butler. We help small business owners with a variety of tasks from general admin to websites, social media and just general tasks that they don't have time to complete.'

What do you love most about living and working in Butler?

'Butler is it's only little community, you don't have to go far to pass a fellow business owner you met at a networking event.  There is always someone close by that is willing to lend a helping hand.'

Share your thoughts on being a member of Wanneroo Business Association and how it has helped you in business

'I've been a member of WBA for about 3 years now and it was the best decision I did by joining. I find all the members to be extremely supportive of both my business and others.  The networking events are fantastic and they provide a variety of different events to cater to all business owners.'

Share a recent ‘big win’ for your business

'My business tends to operate by word or mouth now and my advertising has been reduced to a minimum, it just shows the power of networking.'

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

'Mmm I love my coffee :)'

Where do you see yourself, and the business, in 10 years time?

'The whole reason for starting TLB Admin Support was to create a work life balance so I can enjoy time with my family. My vision has always been to expand and to also help other mums start their own virtual assistant business so they too can find balance.'

To find out more about TLB Admin Support, head to https://tlbadminsupport.com.au/

For more information on joining the WBA's progressive business community, click here


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