City of Wanneroo Economic Dev Team

Caroline Buck

Caroline is an expert in tourism development, destination marketing and investment attraction, she has worked at the City for eight years and also owns and operates two local businesses with her husband.

Dr Ian Martinus

A man of many talents, in addition to being a musician and entrepreneur, Ian's big thinking and passion for local and regional economic develop and advocacy, has been the inspiration and a great supporter in assisting the WBA make the Hybrid 935 happen. Ian's a real champion for social enterprise 

Nyssa Searles

Nyssa has extensive experience in strategic economic research and planning. She has worked at the City of four years and loves working with our local business community to achieve amazing results. She has previously owned and operated a real estate company with her husband and is currently studying her Masters of Business Administration.

Sarah Carracher

Sarah is highly experienced in small to medium business support and development and has extensive local and international business development experience having worked in South Australia, New Zealand, France and Austria. While she has diverse expertise, she is particularly passionate about enhancing agri-business opportunities within the City of Wanneroo

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